30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 7: Lorraine McFly from Back to the Future

Is there a nerd alive that doesn’t love Back to the Future. It’s got everything you could want in a movie: time travel, mad scientists, 50’s nostalgia and awesome hair. (Maybe one day I’ll recreate Doc Brown’s!) But today is young Lorraine McFly’s day. Played by Lea Thompson.


This is a fun and easy one. I started by attacking my hair with my Chi straightening iron. Curls are the order of the day. Then I added a little Big Sexy Hair spray for volume. Next I pinned up ONE side and in lieu of baby’s breath,  I used little pearl hair sticks to mimic her hair accessory.
Then I donned my fancy dress and headed off the the dance… no wait I just got dressed in regular clothes and went to work. But in my head, I’m going to a dance. Fantasy is so much better than reality!!



Make sure to check back tomorrow for another brand new nerdy hairstyle! And head over to You Tube for my flipagram!

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