Brand New Episode

Episode 20: Voluptu-What?

Starring: Liz Tailor & Chris Ryan

Ethical Closet: (Click the links for Liz & Chris’ Looks)




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2 responses to “Brand New Episode”

  1. OH WOW. I think it DOES get better! I’ve met a lot of great guys through online dating! One, an ex, is still a friend, and another I’ve been seeing for 7 months now! Not every guy is like that, but you really do have to “put yourself out there” in order to find the princes among the frogs. One guy came across totally awful online, and was the sweetest human being possible in person. Other guys can seem awesome online and then be awful in person. You never know – UNTIL YOU MEET THEM dun dun dun

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    1. Thanks for your encouragement!! Luckily I’m not jaded quite yet. It’s tough. But I really do believe it’s worth the struggle! So glad you found someone worth the time!


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