5 Fandom Friday


Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Since I have no children yet, and no significant other with whom to make said children, this is purely fantastical. So I reserve the right to be as outlandish as possible! Meaning I may never name any subsequent children after these characters, so don’t hold me to this! But I love a good list and The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick’s topics are always intriguing!

#1 – Phryne


Not only is Phryne a unique name, the character from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a spicy, liberated woman who does what she wants and damn the consequences. I like that about her!

#2 – Trinity


Trinity is a great name for a kid. And also a unique one. I like names that have a sense of destiny to them, and this one surely does!

#3 – Gideon


If you don’t know this one, then I encourage you to rent it. It’s a delightful musical called 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Gideon is the youngest of the brothers and the most wide-eyed of the bunch. This movie has long been a family favorite in our house and I’ve always like the name Gideon because of it.

#4 – Atticus


This is actually a top contender for my future son’s name. To Kill a Mockingbird is such a powerful story and Atticus Finch is one of the great literary characters with a strong sense of morality. A wonderful role model and namesake.

#5 – Moira


Yes, her full name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling, but it’s the Moira part that I’ve always liked best. It has a lilting Irish touch to it. Plus I love the story of Peter Pan. It’s nerdy without being obvious about it! (wink)

What characters (literary or otherwise) would you name your future or have you named your current children after?

11 responses to “5 Fandom Friday”

  1. Becca and I have often joked that should we decide to spawn we’ll name our kid after Italian food – one of our favorites is, “Here’s our son Prosciutto Meatball Sanchelli.”

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    1. That would be quite unique!!


  2. Ok. I’m going to actually have to participate in this one. I have so many amazing nerdy names that I will never be able to give my children. My husband has already declared his name choices for our nonexistent children. They are incredibly boring.

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    1. Ooo I’m excited to hear what you choose!!


      1. Well I now have to narrow them down to 5! And none of them are really that exciting or unique like Phryne

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      2. Nah, you don’t have yo narrow it down. Go crazy!!

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      3. I managed to stick with 6!

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  3. I know someone that named their son Atticus!

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    1. Oh good!! I like that one too. Got the mom’s approval.


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