30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 21

30 Days of Nerdy Hair blog post

Day 21: Trinity from The Matrix

Will it be the red pill or the blue pill for you?



5 Fandom Friday


Characters I Would Name My Kids After

Since I have no children yet, and no significant other with whom to make said children, this is purely fantastical. So I reserve the right to be as outlandish as possible! Meaning I may never name any subsequent children after these characters, so don’t hold me to this! But I love a good list and The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick’s topics are always intriguing!

#1 – Phryne


Not only is Phryne a unique name, the character from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is a spicy, liberated woman who does what she wants and damn the consequences. I like that about her!

#2 – Trinity


Trinity is a great name for a kid. And also a unique one. I like names that have a sense of destiny to them, and this one surely does!

#3 – Gideon


If you don’t know this one, then I encourage you to rent it. It’s a delightful musical called 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. Gideon is the youngest of the brothers and the most wide-eyed of the bunch. This movie has long been a family favorite in our house and I’ve always like the name Gideon because of it.

#4 – Atticus


This is actually a top contender for my future son’s name. To Kill a Mockingbird is such a powerful story and Atticus Finch is one of the great literary characters with a strong sense of morality. A wonderful role model and namesake.

#5 – Moira


Yes, her full name is Wendy Moira Angela Darling, but it’s the Moira part that I’ve always liked best. It has a lilting Irish touch to it. Plus I love the story of Peter Pan. It’s nerdy without being obvious about it! (wink)

What characters (literary or otherwise) would you name your future or have you named your current children after?

The Pinterest Wormhole

Have you ever got caught in the inevitable Pinterest wormhole? You know what I’m talking about. One little picture of Tom Hiddleston’s face and you are knee deep in pinning every expression he’s ever made. Which leads you to that one photo of him and Benedict Cumberbatch together. Which is just about the most perfect man sandwich ever invented in life.

Two of my most favorite people ever(: Tom Hiddleston and Bennie Cumberbatch....

Of course, once you are in the land of Cumberbatch you end up with a brand new board called “I am Sherlocked” because one pin of that handsome face is not enough. And then you’ve brought Martin Freeman into the mix. Which brings you around to The Hobbit. Soon you have a board called “Over the Misty Mountain” which brings in Dominic Monaghan (and leads to a board called “The Hatch“), Richard Armitage (and a board aptly titled “Sherwood Forest“), and Ian McKellan which reminds you of how much you love wizards!! And once wizards enter the mix, you can’t go on in life without creating a board called “The Boy Who Lived.”

That is a ticking time bomb of new boards about to explode on the Pinterest-sphere. Then you’re just pinning left and right (3 hours have now gone by and you’ve forgotten to eat.) Once you’ve pinned Potter you say to yourself, “There are so many other fandoms I love that are not yet represented.”

Then comes more boards with titles like “1.21 Gigawatts,” “007,” “Glitch in the Matrix,” “We Named the Dog Indiana,” “Timey-Wimey,” “Walkers,” “Stormborn,” “Shiny,” “Welcome to the Hellmouth.” And so on. Being the gigantic nerd you are, you need a “Star Trek” and a “Star Wars” board. Fandom is not complete without these two… duh!!

All of sudden you think to ¬†yourself (cause there is no human in sight amid all this pinning) “What about superheroes? They aren’t represented yet either. That’s not even fair of me.” So you come up with boards like “DC vs. Marvel (everyone wins)” and “The Evil League of Evil.” And soon you find that perfect picture of Loki smiling with that devilishly handsome face of his and somehow you’ve ended up right back to pinning the many grins of Tom Hiddleston.

Just gradually more mischievous. And there's still people who don't get this fandom. bwaahaha

The circle is now complete. And an entire day has wasted away… but if we’re being honest with ourselves… do we really think wasted is the proper word? Nope!

Tomorrow let’s start with a young Harrison Ford and see where that takes us!! The possibilities are endless.

Young Harrison Ford

PS… I’m not even kidding. Head over to my Pinterest profile to explore the many wormholes that await you. And happy pinning!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 3 – Niobe from The Matrix: Reloaded

Today’s inspiration comes from Jada Pinkett Smith’s Niobe from The Matrix Reloaded.


This is a moderate on the scale from easy to holy moley. And I’d like to say that this is by no means a tutorial blog or a ‘how-to’. More like a ‘how-I-did.’ I’m no teacher. But here’s how it went.

I made the schedule for the 30 days last week when this one was still far away. I woke up this morning thinking… crap. Can I even pull this off?
Well… I did!

First off, you need damp to wet hair (which works especially well if the hair you’re going to try tomorrow is a curly style.) Start by sectioning your hair using a comb, a pen or some sort of pointy chop stick.
Take each section of hair and tightly twist until it starts to roll into itself.
Secure each individual knot with a bobby pin or small clip.
Then repeat the process till your whole head is done.
For general authenticity and straight up bad assery, don’t forget the shades… Matrix style.
These Harley Davidson shades did the trick.

This style was much less intimidating than it looked and only took about 30 mins… and I have a whole lotta hair! Also, the key to pulling off a look this bold is confidence and walking tall. I walk in a room and say ‘Yeah, I’m rockin African Bantu knots today. It ain’t no thing!’ And it works for me.
Again, this isn’t for the serious 9-5 desk job. But nannies, artists and other carefree folks… give it a whirl. It’s super low maintenance once you’re finished twisting. And a heck of a lot of fun I will say!!

Nerd in the City: Book Club

Ready Player One

If you have not yet read Ernest Cline‘s latest novel, Ready Player One, well what’s stopping you. It’s a fantastic mix of The Matrix, Back to the Future 2 and World of Warcraft. Chock full of 80’s nostalgia and thrilling action!!!

I so thoroughly enjoyed it that I’ve read it twice since purchasing it 2 months ago. Yeah… it’s that good!!!