This is how you JEM


Ok I rare to never post about things I don’t like. I think there’s too much negativity on the internet already and I really don’t feel the need or desire to add to that. But I gotta talk about this new trailer for JEM and the Holograms…

WHAT THE?!?!?! This is not JEM. This is basically the 2001 Josie and the Pussycats reboot for 2015. (And yes…I secretly love that movie even though it’s terrible! But it helps if you think of it separately from the 80’s cartoon of the same name.) Which is exactly what will need to be done for any JEM fans watching this new movie. Completely put everything out of your mind that you loved about the cartoon. Like… the Misfits (they could very well be in this film, but the trailer doesn’t mention them at all). JEM being Jerrica’s alter-ego/ superpower/ hologram (it’s a thing), not her stage name! The fact that JEM is not some angsty teenager (the show is certainly not without a little angst, but come on!!) And I’m sure many other things.

Here’s where my head is at with a JEM reboot:

1. Katy Perry


Katy Perry basically is JEM in real life. She has the spirit of Jerrica Benton and she sure can sing.

2. Emma Stone


Emma Stone would make a fun, spicy JEM. Sadly, this fan art will only ever be a fan’s dream.

3. Blake Lively


Blake Lively definitely has the look of Jerrica Benton. Not sure about the singing, but in Hollywood, most impossible things are made possible.

I could cast out the whole movie. The Holograms – Kimber, Shana, Aja and Raya. The Misfits – Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy and Jetta… But I think the lynch pin is JEM herself. And the new movie has clearly lost it’s mind in making by making it into a teeny bopper movie that may as well be called something else entirely. In fact, if they had named it something else, I might actually go see it. Cause I’m a sucker for movies like that! But why take the name and make it something so completely unrecognizable? I just don’t get it.

This is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot all over again, except without Megan Fox…thank goodness!! (Don’t even get me started on that!)

Let’s look back at the original, untouchable JEM who was truly outrageous!!!

Also, to any JEM fans out there, let me know what you think. And use the hashtag #ThisishowyouJEM to set the record straight on how this JEM and the Holograms reboot should be!!

2 responses to “This is how you JEM”

  1. I never watched JEM but I totally understand how you feel. I refused to watch the Ninja Turtles reboot because of Megan Fox. She is no April ONeal! I’m a little hesitant to get behind the new Batman vs Superman. I’m sure DC is planning to use it as a kickoff for future Justice League movies (which I’m all for!) but I’m torn about Ben Affleck as Batman. I love Batman and no actor has come anywhere close to pulling of the best Batman of all time, that of the animated series. So I’m just waiting to see how it turns out…one show I pray they never redo is Jonny Quest!

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    1. It’s really upsetting when they alienate the existing fan base to appeal to a younger audience. One who has no loyalty to the property at all. And what for? Money?? Nice. As far as Batman goes… I think Affleck basically is Batman in real life, so it makes sense to me. But they killed Superman for me in Man of Steel, so I’m not pumped for it. Not to mention I’m really sad about how Harley is looking in Suicide Squad. She’s long been my favorite. And it’s sad. But I’m holding off final judgement till I see it. I give many chances. But none for new JEM!! Nope. Ruin someone else’s childhood memories, Hollywood!

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