30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 19

Day 19: Poison Ivy from Batman + Robin
There’s no denying that Batman + Robin is quite possibly one of the worst films ever. And definitely the worst film to ever have the name Batman in the title. No one is disputing that!! What I will say is that Uma Thurman’s, Poison Ivy, is a shining star among a pile of Bantha Poodoo!
She is villainous and sexy and does complete justice to the character of Poison Ivy. Now, imagine her Ivy, Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman and someone as Harley Quinn teaming up together to try and take on the Bat.
That’s a movie I wanna see!!!



This is a fun one, but not really practical for everyday wear. Unless you are a saucy villain with an agenda. Then it makes a lot of sense!!




“Polly wanna kiss?”

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5 responses to “30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 19”

  1. I have to say that if you’re a fan of the original Batman TV show , then you appreciate this movie more. It has that campiness that the TV show had. I liked it and I don’t care what anyone says. 😜

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    1. Hahaha! You tell them! (But seriously…it stinks) 😉 *evil villain laugh*

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  2. WOW!!! *Just… WOW*

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    1. I’ll take that as high praise! 😉

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