30 Day of Nerdy Hair – Day 20

Day 20 – Claire from Jurassic World

By now we all know the awesome power of the mighty dinosaur. No one expected Jurassic World to sweep the box office the way it has. It even managed to kick the Avenger’s collective asses too. That’s quite the feat. It makes sense that something tied to so many of our childhood’s would get this kind of reception (I cannot wait to see Star Wars brush that record to the side.) But aside from the nostalgia, it is a really good movie!! I knew I’d like it. I didn’t know I would LOVE it!!

Bryce Dallas Howard’s, Claire is snooty, uptight, career oriented and single minded. She is far more concerned with the way things work, than whether or not she is enjoying life. It isn’t until imminent death threatens her, her nephews and an island full of people that she starts to show her humanity.


My bob is a little messier. This could be Claire after disaster strikes. A more disheveled, unkempt Claire.


I don’t have a catch phrase for this one except for “The park is open” so just go see Jurassic World if you haven’t already. If you loved the old ones, I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

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