Dear JJ…


Dear JJ Abrams,
Dude! It must be the hardest of jobs. And the pressure is truly on…I’m sure you’ve felt it.
We, the fans, are chomping at the bit. If you’ve stepped into social media for more than a nanosecond, you know this!
And now that the last trailer (and most epic of trailers ever to be seen by human eyes) has dropped, we can all sit back and patiently wait for our hopes and dreams to come true. That’s how the internet works these days, right?

Can I just say, Mr. Abrams…you are dealing with an entire generation’s heart.

That’s a big thing to hand over…and sure I’ve watched everything you’ve ever done, but we are strangers. I don’t know your favorite color (though I’m sure a simple Google search could clear that up.) I don’t know your third grade teacher or what flowers were at your wedding (again I’m sure Google knows.)

What I do know is that your heart must speak my heart’s language! Which is a mix of Elvish, Wookie, Klingon and Dothraki!
Perhaps you feel as excited and scared as we do. Perhaps even knowing what’s coming, you don’t really know WHAT’S coming, though you know the plot of the movie that holds our attention.

With most movies, it’s here one day and gone tomorrow.
But Star Wars? Star Wars is a legacy. Star Wars has lasted decades. Star Wars is everlasting. And perhaps…just perhaps you took this job because you wanted to be part of that story. Let’s be honest…it’s what every single Star Wars fan dreams of…to be a part of this story.

I trust your vision. I don’t know what’s up with Luke or anything else about it really. I have a feeling you’ve been very specific in showing us exactly what you want us to see. So… I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know you have as much riding on this adventure as we do (dare I say, a little more.) And I have faith! My heart can tell a kindred spirit and I feel ya, bro!
The force IS with you…I just know it is!!

And to the fans and the boycotters and the haters and the lovers…back off our boy! Nerds, he’s one of us!!
Nerds…we are getting new Star Wars movie! What more in this life do you want???
(Don’t answer that…I don’t care. I’m happy and living on Tatooine with a pet Bantha and a tall glass of blue milk…and I can’t hear a word you’re saying!!)


Nerd in the City!

4 responses to “Dear JJ…”

  1. You make an awesome princess Leia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why thank you, Paola!! That is the highest of compliments!! 😉


  2. Yay, this is great. I’m excited. Haters are always going to hate. JJ will get trolled no matter what he does. There are so many different Star Wars fans out there. I think the trailer looks fun. The new actors are so happy and genuine, it is refreshing to see.

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    1. Glad to see you are as positive and excited as I am! I’m so tired of the downers. I get crazy, happy excited just thinking about it. And I know not everyone is in my brain with me…but nerds gotta find the happy!! And that boycott Star Wars stuff is really maddening!!


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