What’s Your Word?

Goodbye 2015, Hello 2016

The past is very important. Of course it is! It’s the path we’ve taken to get to where we are today. There is value in the past. Value in learning from the mistakes we’ve made (and we’ve made mistakes.) Value in celebrating the magic we’ve experienced (and there sure was some magic!)

I’m someone who easily forgets and yet somehow I still hold on with both hands. I hate to admit that I find myself dwelling on those darker, harder, sadder, angrier moments occasionally often frequently. The ones I shouldn’t hold on to at all. Sometimes I get bogged down with the beautiful moments too. Trying to recreate the past. Instead of allowing new moments to be created, I’m too busy trying to relive moments that have come and gone. But they were just that good! Shouldn’t I want to find that happiness again? Isn’t that a good thing?

The thing is, this is rather a new revelation about myself. I didn’t realize I did this. At least not to this extent. WOW. That mirror can be a hard thing to look into sometimes.

Instead of lamenting this…well…lamentable behavior, I’m actively choosing positivity (it’s sorta my thing!) I choose to inspire myself to be better. No one else will work as hard as I will to inspire the future I want to see for myself. NO ONE!

I won’t recount to you my hardest trials and biggest triumphs of 2015. You can go look to past blogposts or my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for the cliff notes. There was good…there was great (birth of my nephew deserves a shoutout!) There was bad…and there was certainly ugly with a capital UGH!!!

Forget all that! I’m walking forward…no…running forward. I have big, bright moments in my future and I’m eager to get to the good stuff.

I’ve mentioned to you, gentle reader, that I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. And I don’t. Resolutions tend to be about changing ourselves. Temporary solutions that don’t last longer that mid-January or if you’re really lucky February even. The truth is, I don’t want to change who I am. I like me! Moles on my face and all!

I want to inspire and allow me to become my best self. So instead of a long list of character flaws that must be changed immediately, I pick a word. A word I want to live out in my daily actions for the whole year. Sure, somedays I’ll fall short. Other days I’ll jump high and long and clear the hurdles. But the point is, I’ll be trying. Me…this unholy mess of a girl.

In the year 2016, I Liz Tailor, choose to live FREE!

Free in 2016 New Years, Same Nerd

-Free from my past actions.

-Free from unrealistic expectations.

-Free from debt.

-Free from negativity.

-Free from judgements.

-Free from convention.

-Free from borders and boundaries.

-Free to create.

-Free to live.

-Free to love.

-Free to travel.

-Free to come back home.

-Free to share.

-Free to inspire.

-Free to write and sing and run and fall.

-Free because I serve a MIGHTY GOD who “knows the plans for me. Plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29:11)

freedom in 2016 New Year

Part of discovering what it truly means for me to be free, I also want to explore how I can help those who aren’t blessed with the freedoms I have. Human Trafficking is a cause that has long been on my heart. So I hope you’re ready to hear about my journey to learn more. And perhaps the causes you are passionate about will take a front seat this year as well!

Tom Petty Quote "Freedom"

I hope you join me in choosing a word to live by instead of unrealistic lists (I know that up there is a list, I like lists) that you cannot ever hope to live up to. And I hope with all my heart that you find what you’re looking for in 2016!!

What’s your word this year?

8 thoughts on “What’s Your Word?

  1. I literally just wrote a similar diary entry about the exact same things; struggling with the past and holding onto the uglier moments of myself. I think it’s a way of holding myself accountable even though time continues to move on and my mistakes have (hopefully) been forgiven. My word/phrase is probably Thank You. I could definitely give gratitude more praise for how much it’s brought into my life, even the toughest times. Lovely post! I wish you all the best and freedom in 2016.

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    1. Katy!! That’s awesome!!! I find that it’s small steps towards something better that works best for me!! When I try to take big leaps, I usually miss my mark. Elsa had it right when she sang “Let It Go!!”
      And “Thank You” is a great phrase to live out his year!! Make sure to let me know how your journey goes this year and if I can encourage you any way!!! Cheers!


  2. It took a week a stewing and contemplating but I think I have finally settled on ‘Health.’ It is the only word that focuses on all aspects of my life. 2015 was an ok year but I struggled with my physical health (weight and lack of strength), mental health (happiness), and spiritual health (patience with God’s plan). Focusing on my Health will push me to live better in all aspects of my life, which is something I definitely need right now.

    I love your choice!

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    1. Health is a great one!! It’s a positive step towards what you know is better for you. And like you said it’s a word that can apply to so many places in your life!!! Excellent choice! I’m doing a year of fitness with Grace of Lean Girl’s Club…come join #TheSweatPack on Insta!! And if you need any encouragement to keep choosing Health as your word this year, let me know!!! 😉 wishing you the best 2016!!!

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      1. I am definitely going to join #TheSweatPack on Insta! I am all about positive forward steps right now! and thank you for the encouragement! Let me know if you need a cheerleader on your journey of living free. I hope you have an amazing 2016!

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