Brand New Episode

Episode 26: Oversharing Starring: Liz Tailor, Tiffany Kalevik & Danny Ryan Ethical Closet (Click the links below): Sponsored by: (Click here for more information on our sponsor: Licensure Exams) For more information on the companies we partner with and what they stand for CLICK HERE, and for more on the fashions and where to get them CLICK HERE. Check back everyContinue reading “Brand New Episode”

10 Things I Love…

1. Walt Whitman’s “O Captain, My Captain.” 2. Granny’s cheesy bread. 3. Teapots and flamingoes. 4. Step Up  movies. 5. Snood. 6. Babybel cheeses. 7. A tall cold glass of champagne. 8. Compelling sermons. 9. Scavenger hunts. 10. Wearing my hair in pig tails.   What do you love?