An Emotional Pilgrimage

Sunday, December 31st, 2017 (cont’d) 2017 was challenging for me, to say the very least. Not only did my Granny pass away at the ripe old age of 96 years old, after a long battle with illness, but a dear friend from church was murdered in cold blood…senselessly, carelessly, confusingly. It’s something that I’ve spentContinue reading “An Emotional Pilgrimage”

Brand New Episode of So…This Happened

Episode 18: Christmas Traditions Starring: Liz Tailor Ethical Closet: (Click the links for Liz’s Look) The Madman and the Crazy Girl earrings from nerdgirlwensi on Etsy Homemade Harley Quinn cosplay For more information on the companies we partner and what they stand for CLICK HERE,and for more on the fashions and where to get them CLICK HERE. So… ThisContinue reading “Brand New Episode of So…This Happened”

5 Fandom Friday

5 Characters I’d Invite to My Thanksgiving Feast Today’s blog topic from The Nerdy Girlie and Super Space Chick is about characters I’d invite to Thanksgiving. Before I begin, you should know a little about my family. We are a very tight knit group of people. We uphold many unique holiday traditions and we areContinue reading “5 Fandom Friday”

Episode 6: Granny’s Big Idea

Starring Liz Tailor Clothes: Liz – Breathe Organic Shirt by SunseApparel, Multi Strand Necklace by The Leakey Collection Click for more information on the companies we partner with and what they stand for and the fashion and where to get them. New Episode Next Tuesday, October 7th

10 Things I Love…

1. Walt Whitman’s “O Captain, My Captain.” 2. Granny’s cheesy bread. 3. Teapots and flamingoes. 4. Step Up  movies. 5. Snood. 6. Babybel cheeses. 7. A tall cold glass of champagne. 8. Compelling sermons. 9. Scavenger hunts. 10. Wearing my hair in pig tails.   What do you love?