Liz Tailor: The College Years

I wouldn’t categorize my upbringing as “sheltered.” I knew what went on. I had friends who were told about all that “adult” stuff in deep and gory detail. So I got the scoop when necessary. And my parents did their best to prepare me for the world. “Make good choices, young grasshopper!” But the truthContinue reading “Liz Tailor: The College Years”

Episode 7: Serendipitous

Starring: Liz Tailor Clothes: Liz – Ray Shorts Bike Print from Liz Alig, Kenyan Elephant Wrap Bracelet from Eternal Threads, Zulu Earring Rendezvous from The Leakey Collection, Sterling Ring from Grandmother’s Buttons Click for more information on the companies we partner with and what they stand for and the fashion and where to get them. NewContinue reading “Episode 7: Serendipitous”