Halloween Make-up

Option #1: Jadzia Dax

Halloween is approaching and it is time to start buckling down on viable costume options. I l-l-love Halloween!!! I love candy and dressing up and all things Halloweenie!!

I’ve decided to experiment with my make-up and recreate a few looks that I think would make awesome Halloween costumes.

First up is Jadzia Dax from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Dax is a Trill, a symbiotic species. While the Trill host, Jadzia, may be a female, the symbiont, Dax, has lived many life cycles as both a male and a female.
Trills are visibly defined by the markings along the sides of their bodies from head to toe.

I used a simple brown eye liner from NYC to create the tell-tale Trill spots.


Here’s how they came out: