Comic Con Recap

Sunday Highlights

Sunday I pulled a double shift at the con. Here’s a shot of the calm before the storm.
Lots of panel and line management. I got to work the kid’s stage during the costume contest and I even did the information booth.

Question anyone?

I also got to direct a certain taciturn young wizard to the correct panel hall. Ok he’s not actually a wizard and he was perfectly polite, but he plays one in the Harry Potter movies.
Tom Felton himself.

I got to sit in on a few minutes of Sean Astin’s last minute Q&A. What a charming, down to earth, funny man!

These were my favorite costumes from the kid’s costume contest.
Tiny Superman with krytonian curl in the middle of his forehead.
Adorably tiny Green Lantern.

And my very favorite of the whole con…
Convertible Bumblebee!!

Side note: one of the NYCC staff members prepped for the con with a perfectly nerdy manicure.

Finally, I got to experience the end and disassembling of the con. 5 o clock hits and the sweep begins.
The second the majority of the people exit the show floor, the booths begin coming down and the carpets get rolled up. Almost like the con never even happened.

Except that it did! And what a great first year on crew!!!
Can’t wait for next year.

One response to “Comic Con Recap”

  1. Comic Con looks like so much fun! Wish I was there arghhh .___.


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