Friends Forever

Disney Day Ladies Weekend Disney Bounding blog post

On the subject of friendships that will not be stopped by distance, hard times or stormy weather! Two of my quality handful came down to sunny, ole Florida for Ladies’ Weekend and it was completely epic!!

Thursday, I picked the girls up from the airport and revels were had!

Hogwarts Adventure Ladies Weekend #SlytherGryffinPuff blog post

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Orlando, FL Ladies Weekend blog

On Friday, the three of us boarded the Hogwarts express and headed for that magical land known as Universal, home of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!! Where we represented each of our houses in style.

I am the resident Gryffindor…brave, daring, chivalrous, courageous.

20160226_145227 (1)

Erin is the our Hufflepuff…loyal, kind, honest and friendly.

Ladies Weekend Follow Blog Erin Ellis Hufflepuff #SlytherGryffinPuff

And Cristina is our Slytherin…cunning, ambitious, determined, a leader.


Together we are a powerful force to be reckoned with and while it’s true that we didn’t have a Ravenclaw to bring along on this trip, we really weren’t missing one. We are quite possibly the best traveling companions. Cristina is the planner, the one who keeps us organized and on schedule. I’m the one who makes sure we veer off schedule every once in a while and allows the wind to blow us here and there. And Erin steadies the two of our opposing forces. We are stronger together and it made for the most delightful day!

20160226_181218 (1)

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Disney Day Ladies Weekend #DisneyDarlings blog post

Lizzie, Cristina and Erin Disney Bounding Share Your Ears Disney blog

Saturday, we were off to the other magical place in Florida…the most magical place in all the land (sorry Harry, the House of Mouse wins!) Disney World!! We had lofty goals and were going to attempt all four parks! We made it to everything we wanted to do at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom and ended up in Epcot for dinner and fireworks. (Sadly Animal Kingdom had to be sacrificed for the greater good.) The best part of all is that months ago we decided to Disney Bound for our magical day. And we had a blast!

I was Rapunzel.


Erin was Belle.

20160227_160512 (1)

And Cristina was Snow White.

(Cristina is a crafty princess who managed not to get her individual princess portrait taken….. clearly a Slytherin!)

Disney Day Ladies Weekend Disney Bounding blog post


For more from these gorgeous creatures who I am lucky enough to call friends, go check out their blogs. Yep…they’re both bloggers. Imagine that!

The Ever Changing Us 

The Littlest Fowler

Also make sure you are following all three of us on Instagram, but only if you love pictures of happy, adorable people who love life and each other! #LadiesWeekend2016




The weekend may be over, but these friendships will last forever!! Next year we are deciding between New Orleans and Las Vegas and 2018 will see us in London for the most epic #SlytherGryffinPuff expedition ever imagined.

Ladies Weekend at Walt Disney World Disney Bounding blog post

So keep a weather eye on the horizon for more us!

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

This morning I slept through 4 alarms. I woke up to the sound of my roommate moving about the apartment which is not something that happens before 6am. And even 6am is sleeping in for me. Not to mention 6:25 which is when I woke up with the stark realization that today’s nerdy hair would not be accomplished in the short time I had to get myself ready for work.

Sad news!! I had to leave the house with completely unextraordinary hair. Which for me, being right in the middle of a blog series, was very disappointing! And why is it that when one thing goes wrong, everything seems to at once. I was completely bad moody the entire commute to work. And in the middle of silently railing against a particularly slow walker, I thought to myself… You can either let this be your mood.. or you can change your attitude. (And I didn’t even make it rhyme on purpose!!)

I live by a motto, especially during 30 Days of Nerdy Hair, “Sleep when you’re dead!” There is too much in life to do and enjoy to waste it on sleeping or to waste it on being in a bad mood! Now, of course we all need sleep to rejuvenate our bodies. To rest our weary heads. And clearly my body knew more than I did, for it took the opportunity to turn off 4 alarms in a 45 minute time span and then place my phone under my pillow. Well played, tired body… well played!! But that will not effect the rest of my day!! It won’t. And if you are having a rough morning, I hope you are able to rally and get back in the race with a smile on your face! (I’m freakin’ Dr. Seuss today!!)

Tomorrow I will be back to my early morning wake up call as usual. Until then enjoy this recap of nerdy hair styles and head over to You Tube, Instagram and/or Twitter for more fun content!

10 Things I Loved about Ender’s Game (the movie)

Is it exactly like the book? No. Was it perfection? No. Was it an enjoyable representation? I think yes. Here’s why:

#1 Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin!

Ender's Game

“The way we win matter!” -Ender Wiggin

This was such a great casting choice!! Asa Butterfield is a great Ender! This kid can tell a whole story with his eyes. The moment he realizes he has committed genocide, you just feel every emotion through his expressive eyes. He was the exact right choice and if they continue on to Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide and Children of the Mind (highly unlikely) I’d love to see this kid take it all on.

#2 The music!

Playing Ender's "Grand Musical" Game With Composer Steve Jablonsky

Steve Jablonsky’s score was utterly moving. I expect nothing less from the man behind the scores for the Transformer movies (flawed movies, flawless music.)

#3 Hailee Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian

Hailee Steinfeld es Petra Arkanian

This rising young starlet was a great fit for the role of Petra Arkanian. She is equally sassy and empathetic! If they go on to make Ender’s Shadow and subsequent sequels (highly unlikey…sad) I’d love to see more of Hailee’s Petra.

#4 Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff

The "Ender's Game" clip features a uniformed Harrison Ford as Colonel Hyrum Graff delivering a missive to new Battle School recruits on behalf of the International Fleet regarding Mazer Rackham.

I honestly think there’s not a role that Harrison Ford could not play well. Especially the man with the weight of the world on his shoulders. In my opinion you can never go wrong by casting Harrison Ford in your movie. (Though I may be biased seeing as I was raised on Star Wars and Indiana Jones.)

#5 Battle School

'Ender's Game' | Movie - computing

I was a little worried that the battle school sequences would not match up with my very vivid imagination. But they were beautiful and really close to my own imaginings. The only thing I will say is that I just wish there had been more battle school!!!

#6 Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham

First Look at Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley) in 'Ender's Game'

This is another man that I will never tire of watching on the big screen. (Ghandi and Schindler’s list are two of my very favorite dramas.) My favorite moment, other than the one where he sorta kicks Ender’s ass, is when he explains his Maori facial tattoos and says “It is a way for me to speak for the dead.” What a beautiful moment to tie in an important theme from the sequel to Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead.

#7 The ending

Ender's Game

It would have been so easy to end with a large scale battle and that spectacular victory. And with the tearing knowledge that Ender wiped out an entire race. But the writer’s stayed true to the book by including Ender’s exchange with the Formic Queen and his ongoing mission to find a home world for the last remnant of the Bugger race. It was touching and strange and sci fi and fitting.

#8 Aramis Knight as Bean

Ender and bean

Bean is so important to the world of Ender. I don’t know if the studio intends to create the Bean series or not. But I really enjoyed the small amount of screen time given to Aramis Knight’s Bean. I wished for more. But honestly every exchange between Bean and Ender brought a smile to my face. The only thing missing here was the simultaneous filming of Bean’s perspective of the movie and release date one year from now. (That would have been epic!!)

#9 Abigail Breslin as Valentine

ENDER'S GAME - Epic New Action-Packed Trailer! — GeekTyrant

She is the reason he continues on. She is the heart of Ender Wiggin. And Abigail Breslin was a great pick for this role. She is kind and caring and she loves Ender with all she has.

#10 The epic battle against the Formics

The battle school!!!!so geeked out when I saw it the first time!!!!! :D enders game

That final battle scene was sheer perfection. From the visual effects to the music to Ender’s struggle to win what he thinks is merely a training exercise. It was even better than I had envisioned. It was action packed and crazy cool and nail biting and heart wrenching all at once.

Now listen. I’m not a movie critic, I’m a movie lover. When I go to see a movie I try to find every single thing I liked about it. It’s very rare for me not to love a movie I’ve seen. So again, was this a perfect film? No. Did it entertain me, make me smile, make me feel? Yes and in my book that is a movie worth seeing. I’d love to hear what you thought (unless you’re a negative Nancy with nothing nice to say, then this is not the blog you’re looking for!)

Downton Abbey returns


After a much too long hiatus, Downton Abbey finally returns. And it is back in full force.

The 1920’s are in full swing at Downton. Lady Mary and Matthew’s wedding has the entire house bustling for the big day. Mr. Bates continues to cool his heels in prison as devoted wife Anna scours the country side for evidence of his innocence. Lady Sybil and Branson return to Downton for the big wedding with the help of a certain mysterious Dowager. All the while, Lord Grantham faces financial ruin.

The story lines are as compelling as ever. Filled with intrigue (courtesy of Thomas and Mrs. O’Brien), romance (courtesy of Edith’s eager pursuit of Sir Anthony Strallan and of course the happy couple, Mary and Matthew) and splendor (courtesy of the big wedding.)
There are new characters in the form of Alfred Nugent, the new footman and nephew to the meddling Mrs. O’Brien. And of course, Cora’s mother, Martha Levinson , played to perfection by the much anticipated Shirley MacLaine.

There is plenty to be excited about concerning this new season of Downton Abbey. So if you haven’t been bitten by the Downton bug yet, then get on Netflix and catch up!!

Comic Con Recap

Sunday Highlights

Sunday I pulled a double shift at the con. Here’s a shot of the calm before the storm.
Lots of panel and line management. I got to work the kid’s stage during the costume contest and I even did the information booth.

Question anyone?

I also got to direct a certain taciturn young wizard to the correct panel hall. Ok he’s not actually a wizard and he was perfectly polite, but he plays one in the Harry Potter movies.
Tom Felton himself.

I got to sit in on a few minutes of Sean Astin’s last minute Q&A. What a charming, down to earth, funny man!

These were my favorite costumes from the kid’s costume contest.
Tiny Superman with krytonian curl in the middle of his forehead.
Adorably tiny Green Lantern.

And my very favorite of the whole con…
Convertible Bumblebee!!

Side note: one of the NYCC staff members prepped for the con with a perfectly nerdy manicure.

Finally, I got to experience the end and disassembling of the con. 5 o clock hits and the sweep begins.
The second the majority of the people exit the show floor, the booths begin coming down and the carpets get rolled up. Almost like the con never even happened.

Except that it did! And what a great first year on crew!!!
Can’t wait for next year.

ComicCon Recap

Thursday’s Highlights

This year I am so excited to be part of the NYCC crew. But you really have limited access to the panels and such as you are working.
Which suited me just fine. It was a blast.

The highlights I experienced were as follows:
-Hasbro’s Transformers panel
-DC collectibles panel
-My Little Pony panel
-VIP experience

Hasbro’s Transformers

As a nanny I do tend to catch the occasional cartoon now and then. Transformers is one of those. It was really cool to see where they are taking the show in season 3. Ps, Star Scream is my favorite decepticon. Bumblebee my favorite Autobot.

DC Collectibles


DC is doing some very cool stuff.
Aside from the daily awesome superhero stuff they do, the 3 things that really interested me were the We Are Heroes campaign, their new partnership with Aardman and the new Justice League Kia’s that are being released.

-We Are Heroes is a campaign to support the Horn of Africa which is seeing the worst period in 60 years. This Justice League collectible set is being sold to raise funds to support Africa in this time of crisis.


-Aardman productions is the studio that brought us such beloved favorites as Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. They are teaming up with DC to produce an Aardman inspired- Batman figure and claymation cartoon on Cartoon Network. They showed a clip and it is amazing.


-Kia is also partnering with DC and they are systematically releasing a series of Justice League inspired cars. Batman   is the first superhero car released.


Color me interested. Living in New York… it’s not vital to have a car to get around. It’s actually a bit of a nuisance. Parking, tickets, traffic, road rage. But these Kia’s almost make me wanna give it a go.

My Little Pony


The main thing I learned at the My Little Pony panel was that there are a lot more adult Pony fans out there than I could ever imagine. Plus there’s a subsect known as Bronies. Bronies are bro pony fans, men who love My Little Pony (that phrase is a slippery slope.)


VIP Lounge

After working the panels floor I headed down to work the VIP lounge. This is where the real work was happening. Hundreds of red Comic Con bags, luggage, coats and merch being checked in so the con attendees could be freed up for con activities. I got an amazing impromtu arm and leg work-out due to all the bag lifting and merch jumping. Weirdly fun!

All in all a great day!
Stay tuned for Friday’s recap…