Comic Con Recap

Sunday Highlights

Sunday I pulled a double shift at the con. Here’s a shot of the calm before the storm.
Lots of panel and line management. I got to work the kid’s stage during the costume contest and I even did the information booth.

Question anyone?

I also got to direct a certain taciturn young wizard to the correct panel hall. Ok he’s not actually a wizard and he was perfectly polite, but he plays one in the Harry Potter movies.
Tom Felton himself.

I got to sit in on a few minutes of Sean Astin’s last minute Q&A. What a charming, down to earth, funny man!

These were my favorite costumes from the kid’s costume contest.
Tiny Superman with krytonian curl in the middle of his forehead.
Adorably tiny Green Lantern.

And my very favorite of the whole con…
Convertible Bumblebee!!

Side note: one of the NYCC staff members prepped for the con with a perfectly nerdy manicure.

Finally, I got to experience the end and disassembling of the con. 5 o clock hits and the sweep begins.
The second the majority of the people exit the show floor, the booths begin coming down and the carpets get rolled up. Almost like the con never even happened.

Except that it did! And what a great first year on crew!!!
Can’t wait for next year.

ComicCon Recap

Thursday’s Highlights

This year I am so excited to be part of the NYCC crew. But you really have limited access to the panels and such as you are working.
Which suited me just fine. It was a blast.

The highlights I experienced were as follows:
-Hasbro’s Transformers panel
-DC collectibles panel
-My Little Pony panel
-VIP experience

Hasbro’s Transformers

As a nanny I do tend to catch the occasional cartoon now and then. Transformers is one of those. It was really cool to see where they are taking the show in season 3. Ps, Star Scream is my favorite decepticon. Bumblebee my favorite Autobot.

DC Collectibles


DC is doing some very cool stuff.
Aside from the daily awesome superhero stuff they do, the 3 things that really interested me were the We Are Heroes campaign, their new partnership with Aardman and the new Justice League Kia’s that are being released.

-We Are Heroes is a campaign to support the Horn of Africa which is seeing the worst period in 60 years. This Justice League collectible set is being sold to raise funds to support Africa in this time of crisis.


-Aardman productions is the studio that brought us such beloved favorites as Wallace and Gromit and Chicken Run. They are teaming up with DC to produce an Aardman inspired- Batman figure and claymation cartoon on Cartoon Network. They showed a clip and it is amazing.


-Kia is also partnering with DC and they are systematically releasing a series of Justice League inspired cars. Batman   is the first superhero car released.


Color me interested. Living in New York… it’s not vital to have a car to get around. It’s actually a bit of a nuisance. Parking, tickets, traffic, road rage. But these Kia’s almost make me wanna give it a go.

My Little Pony


The main thing I learned at the My Little Pony panel was that there are a lot more adult Pony fans out there than I could ever imagine. Plus there’s a subsect known as Bronies. Bronies are bro pony fans, men who love My Little Pony (that phrase is a slippery slope.)


VIP Lounge

After working the panels floor I headed down to work the VIP lounge. This is where the real work was happening. Hundreds of red Comic Con bags, luggage, coats and merch being checked in so the con attendees could be freed up for con activities. I got an amazing impromtu arm and leg work-out due to all the bag lifting and merch jumping. Weirdly fun!

All in all a great day!
Stay tuned for Friday’s recap…