Instagram #StarWarsChallenge


“There’s been an awakening. Have you felt it?”
Anyone with a pulse has felt it. If you are pulse deficient, I really can’t help ya. But for the rest of us, in one month we will be watching Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Sure I’ll be at the Regal theater at the Oviedo Mall in Florida. And you’ll be in your respective theater…laughing, crying, cheering.
But the Force is strong with the Star Wars community…the Star Wars fanbase…the Star Wars family. So I believe, in some existential way, we will all be seeing it together. Lord knows we’ll sure be talking about it together on social media the minute the credits are done. (Cause if you don’t stay for the credits…then it’s almost like I never knew you at all.)

Come join me over on Instagram: @nerdinthesand for a #StarWarsChallenge
31 days, 31 prompts.
And make sure to tag @nerdinthesand cause I wanna see what you got!

The Force is with us nerds!!

I’m also looking for your stories about Star Wars. When did you first watch it? What does it mean to you? Email me at

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