#12Days of Star Wars Instagram Challenge Nerds

Bun Challenge

Perhaps you’ve seen the popular Instagram account @willitbeard and if you haven’t, prepare to be delighted by Pierce Thiot and his beard. Pierce posed the question “Will it Beard?” And has set out to see exactly what kind of everyday objects, foods, toys, etc will fit in his beard and stay in his beard. Check it out:




Pierce inspired me and gave me an idea for #12DaysofStarWars …

I call it the Bun Challenge and I’m asking you… #willitBUN

Here’s the gist: What can you strap to your head that will give you Princess Leia buns. Cinnamon buns (rather obvious), toy tires, buns made of Lego, buns made of cookie dough? Let your imagination take you away and make sure to post pictures to Instagram (@nerdinthesand) and Twitter (@nerdinthecity) with the hashtags #12DaysofStarWars and #WillitBun

I have an awesome giveaway and every picture you post and tag me in will get you an entry! Giveaway winner will be chosen on 12.8.16 at midnight! Happy Bunning!

Here’s the first one I came up with today…rather easy and obvious, but ya gotta start somewhere!

Star Wars Instagram Bun Challenge #WillitBun STarbucks bagels PRincess Leia

Bagel Buns (bagels fresh from Starbucks and yep…I bought 2 bagels just to pin to my hair! That really happened! It’s called dedication!)

Can’t wait to see what YOU come up with!

7 responses to “Bun Challenge”

  1. I’m still bummed my car food dishes idea didn’t pan out 😂

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    1. was there anything else you could try? 🙂


      1. I thought of crafting something from my scrapbooking supplies but I was kinda running out of time. Or for the food dishes, you mean?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. or anything. 😉

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      3. Oh, yeah, I also thought of using yarn. Sorry. I’m sans internet at the moment so I’m online only sporadically

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  2. Oooooh how about cupcake buns?!?!

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    1. yeees!!! love that idea!

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