Thrift Store Cosplay Day 31: Star Wars Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker fashion blog post

Thrift Store Cosplay Big Finale!!

Thrift Store Cosplay fashion blogger nerd post Instagram challenge

Day 31: Princess Leia, Han Solo & Luke Skywalker

Today is the final day of my thrift store cosplay series. I really hope you all have enjoyed my shopping adventures. I certainly had a blast doing it! And now my wardrobe is tricked out!!

I wanna hear what your favorites were and if this inspired you at any point to give your local thrift stores a try. Is there a cosplay you think I should resurrect for Halloween in October? Or a character you’d like to see me try for the next series? Let me know!!

For the big finale, I pulled out all the stops and I’m bringing you characters from my favorite movie franchise of all time. This should come as no surprise…it’s Star Wars. I chose Star Wars! A Princess, a Scoundrel and a Farm Boy!! Enjoy!

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 31: Star Wars Princess Leia, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker fashion blog post

Princess Leia:

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 31 grand finale Princess Leia Star Wars fashion blog post

Dress from Plato’s Closet

Shoes from OMG Thrift

Belt from Goodwill

Han Solo:

Han Solo thrift store cosplay

Vest, Pants and Belt from Goodwill

White Shirt from Plato’s Closet

Boots from my shoe closet

Luke Skywalker:

Thrift Store Cosplay Day 31 grand finale Luke Skywalker Star Wars

Tunic, Pants & Shoes from Goodwill

Belt from Salvation Army

5 responses to “Thrift Store Cosplay Big Finale!!”

  1. I loved this series, thanks for sharing! Question for you, did you go to the thrift stores with characters in mind, looking for specific items, or did you find items and then decide they would be perfect for such and such character? And, also, how long did it take you to accumulate the items for a particular cosplay? Had you been collecting them beforehand? I feel as though it can be very hit or miss at my local Goodwill.

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    1. Hey Juli, actually some pieces I’d find that would spark my imagination and I quickly decided based on the piece that I would incorporate the character. Others I chose without physical pieces in mind and then I had to do a full scavenger hunt to find the right pieces. the Leia dress took me forever to find. so did the Elizabeth Bennett dress. but Darcy’s blazer, I found it and knew it was meant for my Darcy cosplay!! do you have any other consignment, resale, vintage or thrift stores in your area? also Goodwill now sells online for people without great Goodwills. another option…come to FL and shop with me!! 😉 Thank you so much for following and liking and enjoying this series!! 😉

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      1. Thanks for the insight! I haven’t really gotten to explore the area enough to know what we have aside from the Goodwill, but now I will have to look into it. Haha I would love to come shop with you in Florida but it would be a bit of a trip from the PA/NJ border! 🙂

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  2. I have absolutely loved this entire series. I think you absolutely nailed it in every single one and this finale couldn’t possibly be any more perfect.


  3. Hello, that’s fantastic piece of cosplay. How long did u spend looking for these clothes? All look great but unquestionably the best is Princess Leia!


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