That 5 Talent Life

A couple weeks ago, I heard the story of the talents, from the Bible. A story I’ve heard countless times in the past. But for some reason, this time…it hit me differently than it had before. Perhaps you’ve heard this story… A master gives each of his 3 servants a number of talents. The firstContinue reading “That 5 Talent Life”

Fear and Hatred in America

I am baffled. I am disillusioned. I’m super confused. And there’s one word that can sum up all my feelings…TRUMP. Someone please explain to me what the actual hell is happening in our country right now? How can anyone get behind the hate-mongering that Donald Trump has been spreading since the beginning of his campaign.Continue reading “Fear and Hatred in America”

Love is…

Every year, in January, instead of making a list of resolutions, I pick a word. A word by which I try and live my life. Last year’s word was Bold. And boy did I need that word last year! This year I felt a tugging about a word, but I ignored my inner voice andContinue reading “Love is…”