Farewell Downton

Last night we said goodbye to Downton Abbey after 6 seasons of shocks and awww’s. It has been a wild ride. And I can’t help feeling that we (the fans of Downton) will be hard pressed to find a replacement for this show! There is really nothing else like it out there. And while PBSContinue reading “Farewell Downton”

Jane Austen Syndrome

I am by no means the first delicate female to suffer from this deep affliction. But it is, perhaps, safe to call my case one of the most severe. Long have I suffered in silence, but I cannot continue thusly. I must share with you my struggles in the hopes that you, gentle reader, mayContinue reading “Jane Austen Syndrome”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 27 – Lavinia Swire Todays’s inspiration is the ill-fated Lavinia Swire from Downton Abbey. I started off by heading to M&J trimmings to find a trim that might represent Lavinia’s headpiece. I settled on one that I liked and got a yard which ended up being way more than enough. I also used aContinue reading “30 Days of Nerdy Hair”