Siri: helpful tool or primitive Cylon?

If you have yet to watch the Syfy 2004 reboot of Battlestar Galactica, well, shame on you, what are you waiting for and awww, poor thing, all at once!!

Basically humans develop technology to such a level that it begins developing further on its own. It eventually becomes sentient and indistinguishable from human beings. Leading to the destruction of the 13 colonies and a pilgrimage of the remaining population to Earth, the fabled promised land.

Now I’m all for technology. GPS is brilliant, MP3′s are magical and Angry Birds is pure genius. But a phone that talks back to me? Too much!!

Yeah, I want an iPhone as much as the next person, but I’ll stick to the lowly little 4G. Although i’m pretty convinced that it’s just as smart and could kill me in my sleep. It just wouldn’t talk me through the whole thing. And do not get me started on the Droid! Sure R2D2 was a lovable rogue, but there are just as many droids out there that would just as soon shoot out your eyeballs! And hello… ever watch Star Trek: The Next Generation. Does the name Lore ring any bells? He was an android and he joined forces with the Borg who are… surprise… technologically boosted super baddies!

And ok, so the classic tale of human vs. robot is pure fiction (at this point) but so was electricity before Ben Franklin, landing on the moon before NASA and talking phones before Apple.

So just be careful. Enjoy your super-advanced technology for what it is. Cause one day your e-book will stand on it’s own two feet, believe in God and wear a slutty red dress. You’ve been warned.

Nice Nerds finish last

You may not be aware of this paradox. A pretty, socially adjusted, nerdy girl. If you find such an animal… approach with caution. For we are easily spooked.

The challenge facing such a unicorn is that a male counterpart is rare and hard to find. And much like the search for Big Foot or The Loch Ness Monster it is a pursuit that requires devotion and discernment. The funny thing, is that people always say things like “Guys must love you” or “I bet the guys go crazy.” And yet… I see no evidence of this. Trust me I’ve done my research! I’m nothing if not thorough.

So, here are my findings… There are 2 kinds of men. Nerds and the rest of you. You know which category you fall into!

For the latter, if we were, say, on a date and I started waxing poetic about:

David Tennant And Matt Smith To Appear Together On The Graham Norton Show

David Tennant vs. Matt Smith…


or the various forms of lightsaber combat…

Cylon!  Reboot centurion

or how much I truly believe that Siri is a primitive form of Cylon… you’re eyes would start to glaze over. And the look I’d get would be one of utter confusion and fear.

For the former, we would never even get to a first date, much less an opening line, because you’d be too afraid to talk to me, but would secretly be in awe of my knowledge of say…

the Millenium Falcon schematics…


 or just how many Rules of Acquisition there are. (285 if you care to know!)

I am not the only unicorn in existence. We do exist!! So for the nerds out there remember, we’re just like you, only prettier. And for the others… if you don’t have a basic understanding of which order to watch the Star Wars saga… I’m not interested.