Overachiever Much?

Back in high school, no one could accuse me of being an overachiever. I sat in the back of the class, half-assed my work and got bad grades to show for it. I graduated with zero honors and went to Community College because I didn’t get in to FSU on my first go around. AllContinue reading “Overachiever Much?”

The Friend Zone

It’s a classic tale. Girl meets boy. Girl really likes boy. Boy really likes girl…as a friend. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. And I’m sure it’s common for men as well. So I know I’m not alone in this. Chemistry isn’t always a two way street. Sometimes oneContinue reading “The Friend Zone”

There’s a Giant in my Pantry

Excerpt By Liz Tailor A giant’s foot is in my pantry. And I don’t know how or why. I tried to ask him yesterday, But his head brushes the sky. I said, “Hey there, Mr. Giant, Just a question if you please? How’d your foot get in my pantry?” But my question reached his knees.Continue reading “There’s a Giant in my Pantry”