30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Bonus Day 3 – Rapunzel

Here it is, everyone. The last hairstyle of the series.
I have to thank you all for coming to this page to see my little experiments. It’s been so much fun. And honestly I’ve really learned a lot, not only about what my hair is capable of doing, but of what I am capable of doing to it.
If you find yourself with free time, go on Pinterest, google your favorite movies or come right here and copy some styles. It’s fun, challenging and you’ll learn about your own hair.

A lot of people throughout the series kept saying ‘this isn’t nerdy, it’s beautiful.’

What I wanna do at Nerd in the City is share with you that beauty and nerdity can be one and the same. It is for me.

Zachary Levi (of Chuck, The Nerd Machine and… Tangled!) is always saying that, ‘being a nerd just means you’re really passionate about something.’

I think you have to be pretty passionate to get up at 5am every morning and copy hairstyles from popular and obscure entertainment sources for a straight 33 days. I am a nerd. And proud to be one!!

So without any more talking here it is. Today’s inspiration is Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled. Voiced by Mandy Moore.



I have been collecting flowers throughout the series in anticipation of creating this hairstyle. I love this one. It may be my favorite out of all the styles. But more on that tomorrow…




Final day of Comic Con, final day of 30 Days of Nerdy Hair. Can’t wait for next year, on both counts!

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