My Beauty Is Fleeting, My Worth Everlasting

I rarely look in the mirror and think… “I am beautiful.” I look in the mirror and think “I have something on my face.” “I neeeeed to lost 15 pounds immediately.” “Maybe I should just wear a bag today, nothing else seems to be working.” But beautiful? It’s a rare occasion when I think thatContinue reading “My Beauty Is Fleeting, My Worth Everlasting”

My Helicopter Adventure

My dear friend, Stacey, came up to visit me this weekend. And she had some credit card rewards points saved up that she had a mind to use. Some of the options included seeing Jersey Boys, seeing Newsies, a night in a nice hotel, restaurants, etc. But the one that caught our eye was theContinue reading “My Helicopter Adventure”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Bonus Day 3 – Rapunzel Here it is, everyone. The last hairstyle of the series. I have to thank you all for coming to this page to see my little experiments. It’s been so much fun. And honestly I’ve really learned a lot, not only about what my hair is capable of doing, but ofContinue reading “30 Days of Nerdy Hair”