Me, Myself and that Other Girl

Do you ever have those moments? They often happen around bedtime for me. You know…when little revelations about your life seem so attainable?

You think maybe you’ve figured it all out. And you can finally say the things you’ve bottled up and you can face those demons head on without fear.
When I’m about to go to bed is when I feel the most motivated. Motivated to run the next morning. Motivated to start that new project. Or write that new novel. Or create a manageable budget that will fix my monetary foibles. Or solve those relationship issues. You get the idea!
And then I wake up and it’s like a lazier version of me has body snatched that productive, healthy person. And I’m left with the one who wants a frozen York Peppermint Patty for breakfast (can’t blame her for that) and chooses to watch 2 episodes of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt instead of going on that run (what’s wrong with that? That show’s awesome!)
What goes on when the dreams come? Do I have to stay up all night so that productive girl doesn’t run away?

But wait! Sometimes…a miracle happens. Usually when I haven’t eaten 3 cookies before bed and I haven’t stayed up till midnight watching episodes of Star Wars: Clone Wars.

A miracle where that productive girl laces up her sneaks, picks her ass up out of that bed and she runs. She runs to feel healthy and to know she is powerful. She runs to finish the projects she’s started cause there is another one brewing in her mind. She makes a to-do list and checks every single thing off of it. She is successful. She has her shit together.
I wish that girl was always me instead of only sometimes me. I love the whole package, but sometimes those girls get into a fist fight. And it ain’t pretty.
The productive one doesn’t always win, but then again, neither does the lazy one. They both lay dormant inside waiting for their days to come. The runner comes out when the lazy one has turned my body into something too soft for her liking. And the lazy one comes out when she feels that other girl has been working too hard and needs a margarita.

Maybe you don’t have a war going on inside of you. Maybe you are always productive or always lazy or always whatever it is that you are. And maybe I’m the only one having conversations between the 2 of us…the 3 of us. To be honest, I’ve lost count.
But I wouldn’t be me without those crazy girls. And I guess what I’m trying to say is that inside my head, no one always wins. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


A nerd in progress…

25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!

“May the joy be with you!”

Day 11: Wookie-ookies and Bantha Milk

Santa is the coolest. He brings presents, has a magic sleigh and has hundreds of adorable elves working for him round the clock. So if Santa is the coolest, then it stands to reason that Santa’s favorite movie is probably Star Wars. Am I right? I mean, Star Wars is the best movie ever, it has to be his favorite.

So instead of boring old milk and cookies for the big guy, this year I made him Wookie-ookies and a tall glass of Bantha milk (straight off Aunt Beru’s kitchen table) to wash it down. Check out the recipes below and give em a try. I’m sure Santa has had his fill of gingerbread men and sugar cookies with plain old milk from a cow.

Wookie-ookies (this recipe comes from the Wookie Cookie Cookbook by Robin Davis)

-2 1/4 c. flour

-1 tsp. baking soda

-1 tsp. salt

-1 tsp. ground cinnamon

-1 c. unsalted butter (room temp)

-1 c. light brown sugar (packed)

-1/2 c. granulated sugar

-2 large eggs

-1 1/2 tsp. vanilla

-1 c. milk chocolate chips

-1 c. semi-sweet chocolate chips

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Put the flour, baking soda, salt & cinnamon in a mixing bowl. Stir together till well mixed. Set aside. Then put butter, brown sugar and granulated sugar in another mixing bowl. Mix together til well mixed and creamy. Beat in eggs and vanilla. Then add flour mixture and stir will well mixed. Stir in both kinds of chocolate chips. Scoop up rounded tablespoons of dough onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake. Take out of oven when the sides turn lightly brown and put on a cooling rack till you serve.

Bantha Milk (I got this recipe from and it is by Amelia Hill)

-1 c. vanilla soy milk, well chilled

-1/2 tsp. unsweetened blue fruit punch mix

-1 Tbsp. sugar

Combine all ingredients in a jar or container with a tight lid. Shake well until fruit punch mix has dissolved completely. Drink will be frothy.


Serve together and enjoy!


LOTR Christmas Recap

On Christmas Eve 2012, my family and I gathered for our unique Christmas tradition.
In the past there was Harry Potter Christmas, Narnia Christmas, Star Wars Christmas and now Lord of the Rings Christmas.

The younger generation is not the only one to get into the spirit of Middle Earth. From me to my mother to my sister-in-law to my 92 year old Granny. No one is immune from the fun of LOTR Christmas.

We take photos in front of our huge green screen and have even incorporated themed gingerbread construction.

It is a festive affair.
Take a look at the continuing tradition:


First a stop at Denny’s for their Hobbit inspired menu… in full costume, mind you.



I dressed as Legolas.


Many came as Hobbits.


My dad was Gandalf the Grey.


All the Hobbitses.


Balrog and Shelob living the villain life.


The dwarves Gloin and Gimli.


My little Granny as Bilbo Baggins.


And Grandma as Rosie Cotton.


My mom dressed as Pippin.


My brother as Gloin father of Gimli.

Then there was gingerbread and cookies:


The Shire.


The ‘happy place.’


Tower, eye of Sauron and the one… 3 rings.


The dwarves and Gandalf.


Minas Tirith.


The eyebof Sauron.


Assorted LOTR shapes.


And the waterfalls of Rivendell.

Stay tuned for edited photos of everyone in true Middle Earth scenery. (We don’t play around!)

Also, next year will br Doctor Who and I will be a weeping angel.