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Peace Key Necklace from The Giving Keys

As seen in Episode 3: First Kissed of So… This Happened.

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Liz Tailor

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The Indefinable, Wonderfully Made Me!

It’s fair to say that back in high school and even in college, I did not know myself very well. When I was little I was the outgoing one. Always in the middle of whatever was happening. The center of the spotlight.



In middle school I learned that not everyone valued the ability to recite the entirety of Star Wars: A New Hope or the complete soundtrack to The Phantom of the Opera. But I had my little troop of friends and they got me. And it was enough.


High school was just ridiculous. I was wearing bindis one minute and thought I was Hispanic the next. I was throwing keys and crushing on every boy I knew and was, in general, a big ole train wreck. I never felt at home in my own skin. I was constantly looking for other things to define me. Things besides the indefinable, wonderfully made me. The me that God himself thought to put together.

Looking back it’s clear to see why I was never kissed. I didn’t know me. So how could I possibly have let other people know me. And high school boys aren’t exactly patient and willing to wait around for you to find yourself. So I left for college, feeling inadequate and behind the times and just all around undesirable.

Again, I had friends who knew me as well as they possibly could. And I rarely thought about it in the day to day excitement of college life. But I turned 24 and something happened. It wasn’t enough. Everyone had these stories and experiences and I just had the fantasies I’d built up in my mind about how it would happen and what it would be like and who it’d be with.

If you haven’t seen this week’s episode, featuring the reenactment of said first kiss, then take a look. It was rushed and awkward and with someone who didn’t even want to date me. And who I didn’t even want to date. Just a friend. It was safe that way. There was no chance of getting hurt, because the not being kissed was the painful part. Finally being kissed was going to be a relief.



And as I’m sure you guessed, it wasn’t a relief. Yep, I checked “First Kiss” off my bucket list. But was left with the icky feeling that I hadn’t done it all quite right. Insecurity is something that will haunt you if you let it. It’s not like it voluntarily packs it’s bags and leaves you alone. It’s always whispering in your ear. “No one cares. No one wants you. You are not good enough.”


I’m proud to report that I do know myself these days. I know exactly who I am and how valuable my life is. And I still sometimes do stupid things (as you will bare witness to in my web series) but I don’t let the mistakes I make define me. They are apart of me, but I refuse to spend time regretting my past. Instead I let it inform my future and the decisions I make now. Always looking forward, but never forgetting where I’ve been.


I still have yet to be kissed in a meaningful and romantic way. By someone who wants me and who I want. And most importantly, without the influence of alcohol. But that’s a story for another day.

I’d love to hear from you, so please share your stories below. I can’t be the only one to mess things up sometimes.

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Episode 3: First Kissed


Starring Liz Tailor @nerdinthecity

and Justin Ayer @justinayer

Clothes: Liz – Dress by H&M, Ella Button Down by Liz Alig, Knuckle Key Ring by The Giving Keys, Peace Key Necklace by The Giving Keys, Breathe Key Necklace by The Giving Keys

Justin – Ender’s Game Tee by Out of Print, To Write Love on Her Arms Wristband in Neon Green by TWLOHA

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Nerd in the City Book Club

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet
By Bernie Su and Kate Rorick


If you haven’t had a chance to watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, then walk away for about 2 hrs, go watch it, then come back. And once you’ve come to your senses and done that, then you can pick up The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet. Not only for a wonderful story, but also for a continuation of the beloved web series adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Basically a book inspired the series which then inspired the book. Coolest thing ever!

Secret Diary fills in so many of the lovely gaps left by the web series because it comes directly from Lizzie Bennet’s perspective. Not only do you get to hear more about the most awkward dance ever, but you also get to read Darcy’s letter to Lizzie as well as transcripts from vital Darcy centric episodes.

What Ashley Clements brought to the role of Lizzie is captured in the tone of this book. At times it felt like I was watching another webisode. And that made it even more enjoyable!

So basically what I’m trying to say is that this book is delightful and I can’t wait to read Lydia’s forthcoming perspective novel. And see what else Pemberley Digital will come up with in the future.

If you bust through The LBD and this book then I suggest you start on Emma Approved and Frankenstein MD. Once you’re caught up with those, meet back here for more suggestions.

As usual, let me know what you think. Cause I wanna hear all about it! In the meantime, happy reading.

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Fitness and Friends


Last night I was invited by Grace Kelle from Lean Girl’s Club to Under Armour’s fashion week event and campaign unveiling at the Hudson Mercantile rooftop.


We were generously provided with Under Armour gear from sports bra to shoes so we’d be equipped for the workout that awaited us up on the roof. By providing each girl with a unique styling of products, the event quickly became a fashion show of Under Armour’s product line, which is fun and fits many different body types. 


Our workout began at 6:30 led by Natalie Uhling from NUFIT. And did she ever kick our asses into gear! 10 mins into the workout and we were all pouring buckets of sweat. But there could not have been a more lovely night for this event. With a gorgeous sunset as the back drop to Natalie’s soul baring, high intensity workout, I have to say… it made me work a little harder. She incorporated a mixture of cardio, boxing, basketball drills and toning. And today I feel every muscle God put in my body and it feels good!


After that Under Armour debuted their new campaign starring the powerful and beautiful Gisele Bundchen. Take a look at it here.


By then we had earned the cocktails and appetizers provided. And we all had a chance to mingle and meet other bloggers. I had the privilege to meet Sam Emrich from Catching Dragonfly, Patranila from The Patranila Project, Jen from Deesse Magazine, La Petite Blog, Abiola Abrams from Sacred Bombshell Living and Evann Clingan from her blog and we all broke out into a lovely impromptu dance party!

The best part is Under Armour is striving towards ethically produced and sustainable products. One of the principles they claim to stand on is integrity with a commitment to creating a product that is made without the use of slave labor, child labor or harsh working conditions. Additionally they use recycled plastic in the production of some of their products and also have started a line of Green Armour as well. Their code of conduct can be found here.

All in all it was an amazing night of sweat, food, friends and empowerment! Thanks to Grace for bringing me along and thanks to Under Armour for providing such a wonderful fashion week experience!




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Thursday Giveaway


Lego Heart necklace from Cute Hearts Shop on Etsy

As seen in Episode 1: Pilot of So… This Happened.

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Liz Tailor

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We’ve Got the Power

The power of Greyskull!!
Ok no, not the power of Greyskull. I wanna discuss the power of social media. That weird and wonderful animal that our world seems driven by these days. It’s both trivial and relevant if that contradiction can even exist.

But when strangers reach out via Twitter asking you to pray for them. Or connect to tell you, “I felt alone till I saw what you posted.” Or even close friends you’ve known for years share parts of themselves they never did before. Then it makes it seems like there could be a very real and amazing purpose for tweets and pins and vines and posts and blogs and all the social media we have yet to discover.


There is a danger. There are sad and unfortunate people who want to take something positive and make it ugly. Like the people who harassed Zelda Williams off of Twitter. Or the scumbags who released nude photos of some of our favorite actresses. Or the useless trolls who spread negative comments like peanut butter and all because they can.
I want so much for social media to be a means of connection not of alienation. I want it to be a super power we don’t even realize is mighty.

Maybe in our future we will learn to use it correctly. And become more powerful than we can possibly imagine… together as a nation, as a tribe, as a race of human beings all striving to be known.
So, if you don’t know me very well, and you have any reason to want to, reach out! Call on me. Ask me to pray for you. Give me dating advice (God knows I’ll need it.) Post and share and tweet me up. I wanna know who you are. If we aren’t using these mediums to connect and get personal, then we’re doing it wrong!! Meet you in the webisphere. I wanna see you there.


Liz Tailor


So… This Happened

Hello lovely nerds.

As some of you may or may not know, I have decided to turn my various tragic dating tales into a Web Series. And today is launch day!! All content will be available on You Tube and here on the blog as well. I hope you enjoy it and check back every Tuesday for a new episode!

Also check back on other various social media platforms. Including:

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Thank you to every one who has helped me with this project! It’s been so amazing and fun. That’s all a single, nerdy girl could ever ask for!

Thanks to:

Cristina Fowler

David Fowler

Beck and Lint Hutchinson

Jeremy Twachtman

Tiffany Kalevik

Sarah Melot

Laura Commins

Danielle Beckmann

Erin Ellis

Amanda Humphrey

Brea Carlson

If I’ve forgotten anyone, I will add them later!! Too excited to think. EEEEK!


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