Thursday Giveaway

The Madman and the Crazy Girl earrings from Etsy shop


These are worn in Episode 18: Christmas Traditions of my web series. If you haven’t seen it yet, Click Here.

Enter to win these adorably villainous earrings by commenting below. Tell me who your favorite villain is. Doesn’t have to be a comic book villain. All villains are welcome!

Obviously I have a week spot for Joker’s criminally insane girlfriend, Harley Quinn. Darth Vader follows at a close second. I love to laugh and I used to watch Batman: The Animated Series back in the 90’s (who are we kidding, I still watch it!) And Harley always cracked me up. So yeah, she gets my vote over the baddest of the bad, Darth Vader himself. It doesn’t have to make sense. 😉 Life is a little more fun when it doesn’t, in fact!!

Incidentally, if you’ve never watched Batman: The Animated Series, then I suggest you do it… now!! And I am personally crying for your lost childhood, cause this series is amazing and also has Mark Hamill doing t

Check out what else Wensishop has to offer by heading over to their Etsy shop. Click Here. They have a lot of other adorable pairings. So check them out!

Contest ends next Thursday,  January  15th when we’ll have a brand new giveaway item! So make sure to check back!




Liz Tailor

14 thoughts on “Thursday Giveaway

    1. Great choices, Gabriella!! I am partial to Ivy as well. She, Harley and Catwoman were always 3 of my faves. And the fact that they would tear up the town together in the animated series always made me want villainous friends like them 😉


    2. Congratulations Gabriella @noiremenarie on winning the Madman and the Crazy Girl earrings. Make sure to email your mailing address to I will get those out to you as soon as possible! Thanks for entering and make sure to check back each week for a new Giveaway item!!


  1. I’ve always been terrified of Judge Claude Frollo from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame (probably because people like him exist in the real world).
    But as to favorite villains – Bane and Deathstroke are definitely up there. And I actually think Black Adam is a great villian too (and I can’t wait to see The Rock portray him!!)

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  2. I love these earrings and I’m going to have to say it’s a toss up between Loki and the Green Goblin! We have a 2 year old Boxer that I named Loki and boy has he ever lived up to his name!

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