A House Divided

No, I’m not talking about the current state of American politics. I’m talking about Star Wars. I am an…avid lover of Star Wars, this you know. So is my cousin. But when it comes to The Force Awakens we have vastly differing opinions. Mine is one of love and effervescence, his of skepticism and tentativeContinue reading “A House Divided”


Stop what you’re doing. Just for a  moment…stop. Reach out your hand, doesn’t matter which one. Take the opposite hand and press two fingers to your wrist. Press hard till you can feel your pulse…your heartbeat. That gentle tick tock tick tock. If you can’t find it there, reach up to where your chin meetsContinue reading “Heartbeats”

We Have a Troll Problem

When I was growing up, whenever I heard the word ‘troll,’ it was usually in the context of a fairy story or a song. Perhaps with the chorus, “Fall Dee Roll” or “Fee Fi Fo Fum.” Trolls were mythical, menacing creatures often vital to the hero’s story arc. * Illustration by Jim Madsen Sure, theContinue reading “We Have a Troll Problem”