2 Brand New Episodes!

I’m back from hiatus today!! And I have two new videos for you. The first is the newest Episode of So…This Happened and the second is a Blooper Reel that you absolutely cannot miss, because I have a tendency to mess up… a lot!!

Episode 19: New Year’s Resolution

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Starring: Liz Tailor

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Zero Waste top from Daniel Silverstein

Painted Rhinestone Earrings from Urban Grace Fashions

Beauty Mark Tattoo Pen from Absolute NY

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As a special, Happy New Year I have also uploaded some Bloopers for you to enjoy! On a filming day, we usually shoot between 7-10 episodes. Which is a lot of script to memorize! And guess what… I mess it up all the time. I think the most takes I had for one episode was 15. Speaking sometimes isn’t my strong suit! 😉 I hope you enjoy my many flubs!

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Check back for a new episode every Tuesday!

Happy Friday to Ya!

Hope you are enjoying a lovely Friday wherever you are today. I’m in New York about to head over to New York Comic Con. It’s an excellent day for a geek fest and an even better day to laugh. Check out our bloopers from So…This Happened. They’re pretty hilarious!!

And let me know how you’ll be spending this lovely Friday. Also, don’t forget to head over to Instagram and Twitter and enter my Thursday Giveaway!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 9: Harpo Marx

I was practically raised on old black and white movies of all kinds. But my dad’s favorite funny men of all time was and is the Marx Brothers. If you have never seen Duck Soup or A Night at the Opera, then just find them and watch them and i dare you not to laugh out loud during the state room scene or the peanut stand scene.

Harpo Marx, the curly-haired, silent brother is easily my favorite one. And this pick is dedicated to my dad.



To make my hair the kind of curly that it needs to be to pull of Harpo Marx, I had to set my entire head of hair in Bantu knots the night before.


Once you take them all out in the morning, you get this…



“And a hard boiled egg!”