30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 18

Day 18: Princess Leia from Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Today marks exactly 6 months till we are able to feast our eyes on the brand new edition to the Star Wars Universe, The Force Awakens. In honor of the countdown I chose to do Princes Leia hair today.

On the forest moon of Endor, the Rebel Alliance makes a stand against the Empire. Princess Leia, leader, senator, bad ass lady… always has a killer braided hairdo for any occasion and in Return of the Jedi, she does not disappoint. What’s great about this style is that it’s versatile. She has the majority of her hair braided on top of her head and the rest is rolled into small buns in the back so they can easily be taken down later for a softer look. But if you have to run through the forest and fight the forces of darkness, then this hair is for you!


You can’t go wrong with a well executed braid!! And I know it’s gonna last all day. And since Star Wars is my favorite and incidentally, the best movies ever, wearing this around all day is my great honor!!


May the hair be with you!!

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30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 17

Day 17 – Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie

Out of all the classic 50’s and 60’s TV shows, I think I Dream of Jeannie is probably my favorite one. Sure, it wasn’t exactly a tale of women’s liberation. But Barbara Eden as Jeannie was delightful and her never ending efforts to end up with Major Nelson made for very funny television. Plus she was pushing the fashion envelope at the time with her harem pants and crop top! Gotta love a genie with good fashion sense!



I won’t be saying “Yes, Master” all day, but I will try to grant as many wishes as are within my power! Making people happy sounds like fun! (within reason… don’t get fresh!)



Your wish is my command!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 3

Day 3: Gem from Tron: Legacy

I’ll be honest. Tron wasn’t one of those things I grew up watching and loving. Back in the 80’s, if my parents didn’t watch it and introduce me to it then I never saw it. And when I got older I just forgot about it. But I did see Tron: Legacy when it came out in 2010 and I know it was no classic Tron and Disney clearly decided Tron 3 wasn’t worth pursuing, but I really liked it. And this style is dedicated to my science fiction pal at work who LOVES Tron!!


The key to the Siren, Gem is a really slicked back top knot. Now my hair is super curly by nature, so I can’t get it to play this game quite as well as Beau Garrett can in the picture above. But there are ways around that. Like Tron inspired makeup to keep the spirit alive!!


You get the picture. And remember to check back. I have 27 days to go!!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 17: Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Lips as red as a rose, skin as white as snow, hair as black as a black sharpie marker… wait that doesn’t sound right…

Listen… blonde’s can be hunted for their hearts as well.

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 15: Rainbow Brite

Today is my dear friend Julie’s due date, so I took a request (which I normally don’t do). But in the hopes that her little bundle decides to come out today to see my hair, I’m doing Rainbow Brite at the request of ‘little bundle’s’ momma.

So here it goes…

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 9: Harpo Marx

I was practically raised on old black and white movies of all kinds. But my dad’s favorite funny men of all time was and is the Marx Brothers. If you have never seen Duck Soup or A Night at the Opera, then just find them and watch them and i dare you not to laugh out loud during the state room scene or the peanut stand scene.

Harpo Marx, the curly-haired, silent brother is easily my favorite one. And this pick is dedicated to my dad.



To make my hair the kind of curly that it needs to be to pull of Harpo Marx, I had to set my entire head of hair in Bantu knots the night before.


Once you take them all out in the morning, you get this…



“And a hard boiled egg!”

Friends Tour

There are so many shows and movies set in New York City. But out of all of them, Friends is probably the most poignant for women in their 25-35’s. It’s what we grew up watching and dreaming about. It just seemed like the coolest group of people on the planet. (Still does in reruns!)

So Roommate and I decided to take a tour of some of the places that were used in or mentioned on the show. Friends was not filmed in New York, but we found plenty of spots important to Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Ross and Joey!!

First up: The Museum of Natural History on W. 81st St and Central Park West.

photo 3

photo 1-2

Ross Geller actually worked at a place called the New York Museum of Prehistoric History. Which does not actually exist in New York. So in it’s place we went to the Museum of Natural History which has very similar exhibits and is the inspiration for the fictional Museum of Prehistoric History.

Next on the List: The Solow Building. Located at 9 W. 57th Street, btn. 5th and 6th Ave.

photo 1-3

This was the building used in exterior shots for Chandler’s office. Chandler worked as an “IT procurement manager with the specialization in ‘Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration.'” In one of my very favorite episodes, Rachel misses this question in a trivia game against the boys and ends up losing her and Monica’s apartment to Joey and Chandler. The losing answer to the questions “He’s a transponster!!”

Next up: Bloomingdale’s on 59th and Lexington

photo 1-4

Bloomingdale’s is where Rachel Green worked from seasons 3-5 as a Buyer and then later was demoted to a Personal Shopper after her boss Joanna died.

Probably the most important: The Pulitzer Fountain, outside of the Plaza Hotel, across from Central Park.

photo 2-3

photo 3-3

The filming of the opening credits did not occur in New York. They actually made a replica of this fountain and shot the opening in LA. But the structure still remains the same.

Then we went to: Pottery Barn

photo 4-2

Pottery Barn is basically Phoebe’s nemesis. When Rachel and Phoebe live together in season 6 of the series, Rachel begins to fill the apartment with seemingly beautiful antique furniture. Ross begins to buy the same pieces for his apartment, leading Phoebe to find out that these pieces are not from Vintage Flea Markets selling Colonial furniture, but the big bad Pottery Barn chain store.

Phoebe: Well, what period is it from?

Rachel: Uh, it’s from yore. Like the days of yore. Y’know?

Phoebe: Yes, yes I do. God, oh it’s just perfect! Wow! I bet it has a great story behind it too. Did they tell you anything? Like y’know where it was from or…

Rachel: Yes! That I know, this is from White Plains.

Phoebe: (gasps) White Plains. Oh, it sounds like such a magical place.

Finally we went to: Central Park

photo 4-3There are so many important moments that take place in Central Park on Friends, but our favorite by far was from The One Where Phoebe Runs! Rachel and Phoebe decide to go running in the park together, but Rachel soon regrets the decision once she sees the crazy way Phoebe runs. Phoebe goes on to explains why she runs that was saying, “Me, I’m more free. You know, I run like I did when I was a kid because that’s the only way it’s fun. You know? I’m mean, didn’t you ever run so fast you thought your legs were gonna fall off, you know, like when you were running towards the swings or running away from Satan?”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 23: Miss Frizzle from The Magic School Bus

Today’s hair comes courtesy from that kooky cartoon teacher with the wacky fashion sense. Miss Frizzle!!


This is another style where my hair is actually already this texture. So all I needed to do was throw it up in a messy situation with bobby pins.


30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 17: Pippi Longstocking

Today’s inspiration is the strongest little girl who ever  could lift a horse. Pippi Longstocking.


This one is tricky. And really has no real world application. But if you happen to be at the beach with your family and care not about impressing people then having pigtails that stick straight out may be the hairstyle for you!

It’s all about the coat hanger. Create pigtails and get your father to stick said coat hanger right through one braid and out the other. Then bend the wire to the desired shape.
Voila! You look like a crazy person!!