#PrincessBootCamp – Moana Meal Plan

Disney Princess Boot Camp Moana Week Meal Plan fitness blog post

Princess Boot Camp Moana Week Nerd Disney Fitness Blog

“See that line where the sky meets the sea…it calls me!”

Moana Week had to be my very favorite week of all 8 Disney Princess Boot Camp weeks. And as it rounded out the end of my fitness plan, I was able to get really energized and finish strong!

If you haven’t seen the movie Moana yet, it is recently on Netflix and is a delightful addition to the Disney Princess canon of movies! When we first meet Moana, she is just a baby, daughter of the chief and her destiny is basically laid out in front of her. Her path is set, her future decided. But Moana has a wandering spirit and she just wants to see what is beyond the shoals of her tiny island.

Moana Week
Photo by Cristina Fowler @thelittlestfowler

Her wise old grandmother is constantly telling her to seek her own future, make her own choices. But the call of duty is very strong for Moana as well. She does not want to let her family down. It isn’t until a deep sickness threatens the island of Motunui and her grandmother’s dying words encourage her to follow her heart, that Moana finally seeks her true destiny to find the demigod Maui and restore the heart of Te Fiti.

Since Moana is raised on the little Polynesian island of Motunui, this week’s menu follows a Pacific Islander’s diet. Here’s the shopping list:




-Coconut and Coconut Milk

-Tropical Fruits (pineapple, mango, kiwi, etc.)

-Nuts (macadamia, peanuts, lichi)

-Root Veggies

-Starchy Fruits (green bananas, cassava, breadfruit, taro)


-Lemon and Lime


-Onions and Scallions

I really enjoyed this menu. So many delicious flavors, I wasn’t bored with any of my meals this week! I hope you enjoy it!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 24: Ginger from Gilligan’s Island

Today I chose Ginger from Gilligan’s Island. Did anyone else ever wonder where all her clothes and hair products came from. Not to mention the electricity for the hair curlers that were obviously needed to create this hair do. Come on!! I know the professor was always hot for her, but there’s no way curling iron was his top priority when inventing things out of coconuts and palm fronds.


I used my Chi straightener to create this one. But my hair is too short for the voluminous curls she has here. In fact I think she must have packed a few hair pieces along with her glittering gowns. Perhaps that’s how she accomplished this one on an uncharted desert isle. And I know what you’re thinking… “Where’s your tropical print bikini, Liz??” Well it’s too cold to be wearing my bikini out. So plain old clothes will just have to do. Plus I’m not planning on getting stuck on any desert islands any time soon so I don’t keep it handy. (Though maybe I should!!)



We’re in the final stretch. Less than a week left of nerdy hair. I already have the last styles chosen. But I’m always looking for suggestions for the next series. So keep them coming!!