Star Wars Episode VII: 10 Months To Go


The countdown continues and there are only 10 months left till Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Is it December yet??

Enjoy some more art from Katie Cook! One of my favorite Star Wars artists. Her work is too adorable for words!!

Star Wars Episode VII: 11 months to go

In exactly 11 months from yesterday we will be feasting our eyes on a brand new tale about that galaxy far, far away!!!
In the meantime, enjoy this cartoon from amazing artist, Katie Cook.

I was first introduced to her drawings at New York Comic Con a couple years ago. Enjoy and may the force be with you… always!


DIY Halloween Costume

Ever since I was 2 years old and my mom stuck a pair of white tights stuffed with cotton on my head and called them “bunny ears” I’ve had or made my own Halloween costume. There’s something special about finding all the pieces and putting them together to make your costume. It means more. It has more value, than some store bought concoction. Here’s a look at Costumes of Future’s Past…




1394048_10104975556247243_5444375591480449332_n (1)

Ok this last one was totally store bought… but how cute are we!!!

That being said, not every one out there is a maven of the homemade, do-it-yourself realm. I get it. Who has the time? As I’ve gotten older, it has gotten harder some years. But I make myself try! And this year I decided to do Frida Khalo.

I did her hair for one of my 30 Days of Nerdy Hair series and loved how it turned out. (Make sure to check back starting November 1st for a brand new series of 30 Days of Nerdy Hair!!)


So I thought, why not try the whole thing this time! The key to capturing Frida is a flowing peasant blouse and a well-drawn unibrow!


I added a scarf like she wears in this photo:

fba73774cd6925e94aa31d9699d0d966But there are so many great Frida looks to choose from. The other key component for her is the hair.

b77fbc833c945b69f54afe700b714887To tell you the truth, I think I did it much better for 30 Days of Nerdy Hair than I did for Halloween this year, but as long as the representation is there, I think the point comes across. Check out this week’s episode of So…This Happened to see more about Halloween.