30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 15

30 Days of Nerdy Hair Day 15 Pebbles Flintstone from tHe Flintstones cartoon hair blog post Halloween

30 Days of Nerdy Hair blog post

Day 15: Pebbles Flintstone from The Flintstones

Yabba Dabba Do this!!!



30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 11

Day 11: JEM from JEM and the Holograms

This was definitely one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Girl inherits record label and becomes a philanthropic business woman by day and an incognito rockstar by night. My life goals were set!!

If you were born in the late 80’s or 90’s and missed JEM and the Holograms, it’s all on Netflix. Though I warn you, it’s not exactly a cartoon for kids. (Definitely wasn’t aware how inappropriate it was as a kid.) I also want to make sure that you know the upcoming movie is a far cry from the magnificence that was Jem! To hear my thought on that: click here.

I am a brunette by nature, so it’s hard for my hair to achieve the color pink that JEM was able to rock. Plus I don’t have a holographic program, like Synergy, at the touch of an earring to assist me in creating my alter ego. But some hair chalk and a pair of clip-on star earrings from Buffalo Exchange will take you right back to 1985 and let’s be honest…I could totally be JEM. I just need my Holograms. (Any volunteers??)



This hair is truly outrageous!!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Nerdvember

Day 1: Wilma Flintstone from The Flintstones

Welcome to a brand new series of 30 Days of Nerdy Hair here in the month of Nerdvember. The big news is… my hair is short now. So I’ve chosen 30 short friendly hairstyles to try. This will be interesting!

First up is Wilma Flintstone. She of the giant pearl necklace and the perfectly coiffed top knot.


Here’s the finished product.