30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 20

30 Days of Nerdy Hair blog post

Day 20: Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

With hair like this, my Prince really better be on his way!



30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 29

Day 29: Li Shang from Mulan

Here’s another example of the Disney men and their awesome hair. Never let it be said that the Disney princesses have all the style!! Shang is the dashing captain of the Chinese army. He is tasked with preparing his troops, including Mulan in disguise, for battle against the menacing and rather large Hun army. Shang knows what he’s doing and knows that the last thing you want in your way when preparing for battle is your hair. So he keeps it nice and pulled back with a red cloth. I like a man who can be both trendy and practical!!!



Bring on those Huns cause I’m ready for anything!



“I’ll make a man out of you!!”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 24

Day 24: Young Elsa from Disney’s Frozen

Disney characters always have great hair!! And not only the older ones, but the kiddos as well. So today I picked young Elsa. Just starting to learn about her magic and when she freely used it with no thought of the dangers. Little Elsa lives life with very little fear.



This one is super easy to accomplish. You need a black headband and a nice braid in the back. And it’s an easy everyday style that doesn’t scream Disney princess. (Although personally, I love when my hair screams Disney princess. It’s so much fun!!)



“The cold never bothered me anyway.”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 21: Drizella from Cinderella

Today’s hair is the second selection from Disney’s Cinderella, but today I took a walk on the evil side. Evil step sister Drizella. She of the jealous attitude and the extra large feet that don’t fit the glass slipper.



So I actually tried a different hair style today, but it didn’t work out so I went for good ole Drizella. It’s an easier style. But no less nerdy.

imageWe’re down to just 9 days left. Don’t miss a minute. I think I still have some Disney left on the list. Someone suggested a specific 30 days of Disney hair. What ┬ádo you nerds think? Would you like to see a full 30 Days of Disney in the future? Let me know in the comments below. And have a wonderful Friday!