A couple weeks ago, I went to the #WomenofMarvel panel at the Santa Monica Public Library, celebrating the release of Margaret Stohl’s new Black Widow novel, Forever Red. (Which if you don’t have yet, you should go purchase immediately!) Also on the panel was a whole passel of kick ass ladies. Ladies who have succeededContinue reading “Inspowering”

A very special After Who

    Over the weekend I was invited to attend the screening and After Who taping for Doctor Who, Series 8. And incidentally the premier of the brand new 13th (if you’re counting correctly) iteration of The Doctor. Host Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist, and proclaimed die-hard Whovian, had a panel of fellow nerds onContinue reading “A very special After Who”

Kiehl’s Cares

Last night I attended big final event on the Life Ride tour. A tour that began in Milwaukee and went all the way to New York. This wonderful event is the culmination of a 5 year partnership between Kiehl’s and amFAR and their efforts to raise money for AIDS research. In fact you can goContinue reading “Kiehl’s Cares”