NITC Book Club: Star Wars Edition

I am embarking on a rather large undertaking. For those super fans out there, you know what I mean when I say Expanded Universe. And you also know that the entire library of books that you previously believed to be canon has been relegated to Star Wars Legends. Meaning, they no longer exist in theContinue reading “NITC Book Club: Star Wars Edition”

Thursday Giveaway

Peace Key Necklace from The Giving Keys As seen in Episode 3: First Kissed of So… This Happened. To win today’s giveaway, head over to Twitter, Instagram or the Nerd in the City fan page. Comment, Tweet or Email me ( and tell me where you find your peace. Contest ends Monday, September 15th at midnight. GoodContinue reading “Thursday Giveaway”

Episode 3: First Kissed

  Starring Liz Tailor @nerdinthecity and Justin Ayer @justinayer Clothes: Liz – Dress by H&M, Ella Button Down by Liz Alig, Knuckle Key Ring by The Giving Keys, Peace Key Necklace by The Giving Keys, Breathe Key Necklace by The Giving Keys Justin – Ender’s Game Tee by Out of Print, To Write Love onContinue reading “Episode 3: First Kissed”

Reunited and It Feels So Good!

Lent has ended. Easter has come and Christ has risen!! (That’s really the most important part of the whole thing and life.) But in other news… I can watch TV again!! YAY! Kicking off my TV binge sessions is Game of Thrones. There were only 2 episodes to power through and one new one toContinue reading “Reunited and It Feels So Good!”