Sci-Fi Debate Club

If you’ve seen this week’s episode of my web series, then you know about my Sci-Fi Debate Club. If you missed it, take a look… We didn’t plan it. We didn’t mean for it to happen. But when two of more nerds are gathered together, nerdy…geeky…dorky debates are bound to ensue! And yes… they canContinue reading “Sci-Fi Debate Club”

Mind… Blown!

This is pretty epic! A few days ago news broke that Ian McKellan would be the officiate at the wedding of Patrick Stewart to Sunny Ozell. Forget the Royal Wedding… this is nerd royalty at it’s finest!!! Again… Magneto performing the wedding of Professor X!! Wait… Gandalf is officiating Captain Picard’s wedding. Anyway you sliceContinue reading “Mind… Blown!”