#StarwarsChallenge Recap

It’s been quite a journey waiting for The Force to Awaken in theaters!! Now that it’s here I scarcely know what to do with  myself (besides seeing it basically everyday of the week!) Thanks to everyone who joined me Star Wars Challenge on Instagram! It was so fun seeing your unique interpretations of my prompts!Continue reading “#StarwarsChallenge Recap”

25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!

“Joy to the nerds!” Day 5: Decoupage Picture Frame What you’ll need: -a picture frame -a couple comic books -scissors -Mod Podge -a paint brush Start by taking your comic books (make sure they aren’t super collectible ones if you are going vintage.) Cut out a bunch of phrases, characters, and panels that you mayContinue reading “25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!”

25 Days of (nerdy) Christmas!!!

On the first day of Christmas my true nerd gave to me… A string of origami cranes for garland on your tree!! Start off with 2 different colors of your choosing (I chose red and green for the Christmas season.) Fold into origami cranes. And then string together with needle and thread to create theContinue reading “25 Days of (nerdy) Christmas!!!”