Thrift Store Cosplay Day 12

Day 12: Hulk HULK LIKE THRIFT! And…BONUS!! This shirt has a special surprise! T-Shirt from Goodwill Shorts from OMG! Thrift

#StarwarsChallenge Recap

It’s been quite a journey waiting for The Force to Awaken in theaters!! Now that it’s here I scarcely know what to do with  myself (besides seeing it basically everyday of the week!) Thanks to everyone who joined me Star Wars Challenge on Instagram! It was so fun seeing your unique interpretations of my prompts!Continue reading “#StarwarsChallenge Recap”

Brand New Episode!

Episode 21: Kitten Strangler Starring: Liz Tailor & Zekee Silos Ethical Closet (Click the links below): Sponsored by: (Click here for more information on our sponsor: Licensure Exams) For more information on the companies we partner and what they stand for CLICK HERE, and for more on the fashions and where to get them CLICK HERE. Check back every TuesdayContinue reading “Brand New Episode!”

Nerdy Grooms

The groom often gets bypassed in the small details because… let’s face it… men don’t dream about their wedding day from the tender age of 5. The nerdy groom especially, because of the nature of fancy black tie weddings. But here are some examples of grooms who have gotten to let their nerd flag flyContinue reading “Nerdy Grooms”