Thrift Store Cosplay Day 19

Day 19: Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City This should be no surprise to you…I’m a Carrie Bradshaw through and through. I’ve taken the Buzzfeed quiz, so I know it’s true! It’s the hair…the fashion sense…the love of shoes…the independent lifestyle. And while I haven’t been on the dating scene in quite a while,Continue reading “Thrift Store Cosplay Day 19”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair – Day 12

Day 12: River Song from Doctor Who Just waiting for The Doctor to come whisk me away on the TARDIS!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair

Day 9: Alex Forrest (Glenn Close) from Fatal Attraction   Ok I”m gonna go ahead and admit that I called this one in a little. I did not wake up on time and therefore did not adequately do Alex Forrest the justice that this Glenn Close character deserves. But on a normal day, my hairContinue reading “30 Days of Nerdy Hair”

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 27: Roxie Hart from Chicago Happy Thanksgiving, nerds!! I’m bringing to you today, the murderess with the moxy, Roxie Hart! Hope you all enjoy your turkey, your stuffing, your tandoori chicken, your.raw sushi… whatever floats your gravy boat!

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 24: Amy from Little Women Today I chose Amy from Little Women, in honor of finding out that this is my coworker’s favorite movie. So here are the barrel curls and bows.

30 Days of Nerdy Hair-Nerdvember

Day 19: Shirley Temple “Animals crackers in my soup, monkeys and rabbits loop the loop.” The key to achieving this little darling’s look is curly hair and a bow on your head. Dimples couldn’t hurt!