This Friday night, Nerd in the City is having it’s next #NerdySlumberParty If you’ve never been to a Twitter party before, here’s how it works. The party will kick off at 9pm on…you guessed it…Twitter. You can join the discussion or just follow along with the hashtag #NerdySlumberParty Since it’s a virtual party, you canContinue reading “#NerdySlumberParty”

Thursday Giveaway

Lego Heart necklace from Cute Hearts Shop on Etsy As seen in Episode 1: Pilot of So… This Happened. To win today’s giveaway, head over to Twitter, Instagram or the Nerd in the City fan page. Follow and tag 2 friends and you will enter for a chance to win this necklace. Contest ends Monday,Continue reading “Thursday Giveaway”

#IWantMyNerdHQ and so do you!!!

If you haven’t heard about Zachary Levi’s crowd funding efforts for Nerd HQ by now, then I have to ask you… Do you live in a hole? Do you not have Wifi? Can you even really call yourself a nerd? Yesterday, the I Want My Nerd HQ website went up on Indie GoGo and withinContinue reading “#IWantMyNerdHQ and so do you!!!”

25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!

“O Christmas nerds! O Christmas nerds!” Day 12: Origami Nintendo mushroom ornaments The directions for this origami ornament can be found here. I just took the template and made it Nintendo specific by adding little eyes and then used a fine fishing line to string them into ornaments. This is super easy and a realContinue reading “25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!”

25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!

“God rest ye, nerdy gentlemen!” Day 10: Star Wars Snowflakes There are many great tutorials out there on how to make these snowflakes. There are even templates you can print out and just cut like these at BuzzFeed. Here are the ones that I did. I chose to make a Stormtrooper flake and a BobaContinue reading “25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!”

25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!

“Have yourself a nerdy little Christmas!” Day 3: Superhero Snowglobes What you’ll need: -Mason Jars (however many snowglobes you want to make.) -Glitter (whatever color suits your fancy, though silver looks the most snow-like) -Water -Figurines, small toys, action figures (whatever you want to put inside your snowglobe) -Goop (or any other water resistant glue)Continue reading “25 days of (nerdy) Christmas!”

25 days of (nerdy) Christmas

Day 2: Tardis snowflakes “We wish you a nerdy Christmas!!” Nothing says holidays like these little beauties. There are a couple versions on Pinterest, but some are very complicated so I made my own simplified version. Very easy to copy or to alter and make your own! Start with a square sheet of paper, whateverContinue reading “25 days of (nerdy) Christmas”