The Road to Civil War

We are on the verge of Civil War…no, not the North vs. South kind…no, not the Dems vs. GOP kind. The Marvel-ous kind!! The #TeamCap vs. #TeamIronMan kind!! The kind that will have grown men and women crying in the aisles come Thursday, May 5th (for the early birds) and Friday, May 6th for the rest of theContinue reading “The Road to Civil War”

#AvengerinTraining – Iron Man Week

Introduction I would consider myself a fairly fit person. I enjoy running and Soul Cycle and walking and when I’m vigilant, I eat marginally well. But then came the winter and I was discontent. Chilly weather caused my motivation to disappear. The running stopped. The Soul Cycle stopped. I still tried to walk and getContinue reading “#AvengerinTraining – Iron Man Week”

Death of the Midnight Showing

It used to be that when a big blockbuster came out, if you were truly devoted, you’d go to the midnight showing. People would dress up and wait in line for hours. It always felt like a mini-con to me. But recently, theaters have been opening their doors earlier and earlier. For example: last nightContinue reading “Death of the Midnight Showing”